Yara Keshavarz
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Agricultural Services

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Yara Keshavarz-Company-Agricultural Services

Yara Keshavarz

Yara Keshavarz Amin is a private company with was established for Procurement, supply, preparation, purchase, distribution, materials sale and maintenance, tools, machinery, equipment, and production inputs chain related to the agricultural sector and other related industries.

Also, the company can provide commercial services including export and import of products and related industries. Another goal is Expanding and improving the market of agricultural products and goods and if necessary, establishing fixed and mobile sale centers.

While engineering and using new technologies in infrastructure has some weaknesses, we decide to provide new technical services. Also to improve the skills of producers and industries and transfer the applied research findings at the scope of farms, we provide the necessary services to increase their awareness.

Generally, we perform any consulting services in technical and engineering affairs, economy, trade, productions, and chain agricultural industries.

  • Preparation, making and distributing agricultural inputs
  • Consulting services in technical and engineering affair
  • Producing agricultural and horticultural products
  • Providing technical services in infrastructure
  • Financial and credit partnership in agricultural industry
  • Increasing the awareness of producers and industries
  • Providing commercial services for related industries
  • Supplying agricultural machinery and equipment
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