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Major Player in Global Pistachio and Saffron Market

Kourosh farms Co., as the subsidiary of Golrang Industrial Group, has started its activities in the food industry and in the field of special and strategic agricultural products which are high-yield and export-oriented.

Investment in the largest and most famous factories in the country, as a major shareholder, shows the forward-looking decision and perspective of this company. Amin Farms factory is one of the largest pistachio processing factories in the country. Along with Novin Saffron factory, as one of the largest health processing and packaging centers for saffron, are two subsidiaries of Kourosh Farms Co., which work to achieve the goals.

There will be no changes in their products or their quality, but there are structural and strategic improvements in the companies.

  • Major shareholder of the largest factories in Iran.
  • Considering Quality in production, processing and export.
  • Knowing global market makes us to be close to our customers.
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